Grace Community Church Dawsonville, GA

2022 Fall Bible Conference


Saturday, October 1

Registration opens8:30 AM
Session 19:15 AM
Break with snack10:15 AM
Session 210:45 AM
Break for lunch11:45 PM
Session 31:00 PM
Wrap-up2:00 PM

Sunday, October 2

Service starts10:00 AM
Session 410:45 AM
Service ends12:00 PM
Service starts6:00 PM
Session 56:30 PM
Service ends7:30 PM

* Lunch on Saturday included with registration.
** Childcare is not provided but this is a family event and children are welcome and encouraged to attend.


How are we to live?: Beatitudes for Kingdom Living

Within every word Christ uttered during his earthly ministry, he instructs believers about living in his kingdom—how to live as newly redeemed creatures in a sinful, fallen world. The fullest expression of this instruction is found in the Sermon on the Mount.

Rising as the sermonic summit of Everest, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount has far-reaching implications and applications for living a life pleasing and acceptable before God. All our assumptions about holy living are dispelled within the tangible characteristics Christ offers his beloved followers. Imminently practical, overwhelmingly applicable, and pastorally tender, the Sermon on the Mount bids us, “this is the way; walk here.” In Matthew 5, Jesus unveils lasting joyful happiness in eight seemingly simple statements that we know as the beatitudes (Matt. 5:3–12).

The word “beatitude” is from the Latin word beatus, meaning “happy” or “blessed.” Happiness is the key feature of each beatitude. Lest we think Jesus is pointing us to a carefree slap-happy life free from all cares, it becomes increasingly evident that the blessing to which Jesus is promising is free from conditional shackles and rises above the turmoil that seems to plague our lives. The beatitude blessing refers to that deep inner joy that resides within the heart of every born-again believer when new life-giving grace dawns in the darkness of our sinful hearts.

The word “blessed” isn’t a self-congratulatory salutation for a specific type of behavior or action but rather affirms a quality of spirituality already present within the Christian. Each beatitude is two parts of a whole—an existing quality and a future promise that results in present joy.

First, Jesus identifies specific characteristics residing within all authentic believers, and he lifts that quality to the level of untouchable joy. These descriptors aren’t defining a few exceptional Christians. Instead, these beatitudes affirm a realm of spiritual existence in which every true believer resides because of their union with Christ. Jesus is announcing the joyful state of believers as a result of their internal transformation at salvation. The beatitudes paint a vivid portrait of all believers in Christ.


Dustin Benge (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is associate professor of biblical spirituality and historical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY where he also serves as vice president of communications and director of The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies. Dustin is the author of "The Loveliest Place: The Beauty and Glory of the Church" and "Why Should We Love the Local Church?". Dustin lives with his wife, Molli, in Louisville, KY.



$13 individuals
$39 families (3 or more)

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